The Voice

I wrote the skeleton, or chart, for this piece while hunkered down on Salt Spring Island with Johnny MacRae in September 2012 – figuring it to be a living entity piece that would feature improvisation where the sound poem elements occur.  I was pleased with the prospect of it, but it sat nestled in a notebook for the better part of the year until Johnny and I arrived in Fort MacLeod to unleash 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac upon South Country Fair‘s Lotos Land stage in July 2013 and became a staple of our next couple months on the road, finding its legs and working quite nicely as a two-voiced piece.  Since then I’ve been performing it more often as a solo piece, but never to a recording – or not one that made me happy, anyhow.

Until the Cadillac Invitational Poetry Slam at the end of January when I performed it as the sacrifice poet for the second half of one of the greatest poetry shows I’ve ever had the opportunity to be involved with, accompanied by Johnny MacRae.  As such, I present to you an experiment in word and sound that I’ve been enjoying for awhile now.

*the piece evolved on the road with the Dope Boys to include an interpolation of RC Weslowski‘s ‘Ev Ree Bawdy Haz a Sownd.’


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