Laurus nobilis

This past weekend marked the first official year of my term as Poet Laureate of the Brandon Folk, Music & Art Festival in Brandon, MB.  In addition to performing and emceeing with Johnny MacRae as 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac, and taking part in various daytime workshop stages, it was my duty to write and read an opening poem for the festival.  This is that poem.

BFMAF 2013

photo: j. aaron mercer, anthropocalarchivist

it’s all the comings + goings
it’s joyful reunions + reluctant goodbyes
there is something in coming together

these are the places we come
to build the lives we want
an interactivity superseding the cities
or small towns we call home

this is a happening
we happen to be having together

it’s the soundwaves soaring thru the night
it’s the hardpacked earth that held the dancefloor
there is something in making music together

songs carried forth like traditions
wanting to be held by you
caressed as you would a lover
in the act of letting go

this can go both ways

it’s a beautiful environment for trying new things
it’s the binding we’re building that will test time itself
there is something in growing together

for many, this is an anniversary
perhaps this is the only time you’ll see that someone
perhaps this is the only time you feel so free
or perhaps this year will be the beginning of something new
we never really know what we’re going to get
nor entirely what we’re going to give
when we come together like this
when we come together for this
when this supersedes we
because this is what is
in the moment

in 2007 i first came here
wide-eyed with wonder
at the newness of it all
and also what had been established
the type of place
where someone not from here
can feel at home

and i’ve grown to know some of you
beyond the bonds of the Keystone grounds
in the six years since
many of you i’m still meeting
for the first time

my name is shayne
i live in Victoria
when i’m not on the road
i have ‘hug life’ tattooed across my belly
and i’m looking forward
to our experience together
even if we don’t actually meet

this wouldn’t be the same without you

in Dionysian times
people gathered together
just like we have now
inducing trance thru the magic
of wine, music and dance
they removed inhibitions
and social constraints
returning to a neutral state

Dionysus was a god of resurrection
these gatherings were a time for rebirth

so when the scent of the honey wagon’s midfestival withdrawal
permeates the air all around you
remember:  we’re in this together

and when the music all around you crescendos
into a reality beyond the amplification of speakers
remember:  we build this together

then, should you find yourself in the ughs of autumn
or the doldrums of winter
remember:  we had this together

             and will again

it is the excitement of new sights and sounds
birthing themselves into your consciousness
it is the newfound knowledge of shared wisdom
there is something in discovering together

so let’s let everything else fall to the wayside
for now
and build ourselves a beautiful experience


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