Onward, to Montreal!

photo: Aaron Mercer

photo: Aaron Mercer

The poems have been slammed and the decision has been made. Allow me to introduce to you, the 2013 Vic Slam Team: Jeremy Loveday, myself, Johnny MacRae, Morgan Purvis-Bellamano & Pam Stewart. We’ll be off to the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Montreal this November!

We have our first team meeting on Tuesday…

The Victoria Event Centre was packed tight with a very high energy crowd Thursday night, and the suspense was palpable. The evening kicked-off with a special pair of performances from 2013 Victorious Voices Alumnus-of-Honour Anna-Maria Landis and Erin Cotton, who had an amazing slam season but sadly couldn’t attend semi-finals. At the sunset of his trip out west, Montreal’s C-Command made a last minute adventure over from Vancouver to catch the fun and be our calibration poet for both rounds – a fitting sacrifice for a competition whose winners would be off to Montreal themselves!

Jeremy Loveday drew the dreaded bullet, going first in the first round, with his dedication to Victorious Voices. His score looked like it might get the shakedown if things got creepy but our judges were consistent. And fierce! Nobody had any idea what to expect each time the cards went up. Jeremy managed to hold his lead from the beginning of the evening right thru to ending it all as the returning Grand Slam Champion of Victoria (but he didn’t really go anywhere…).

Matthew Christopher Davidson and Tom Fowler both put in brilliant performances that challenged perceptions – it really was an amazing evening to behold and be a part of. I can already feel that next slam season will be Victoria’s hottest yet!

Vic Slam Finals, Round 2:


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